Vehicle Window Tint

Keep your car Cool

Block 99% of UV rays

Customize a style that works for you!

Quality you can count on.
Automotive window tint does a lot more than just give glass a sleek, custom look. The benefits are truly impressive. We use a variety of technologies to fight the sun’s undesirable side effects: AC that can’t keep up, scorching hot surfaces, eye-irritating glare, and harmful UV ray exposure. Explore our ceramic, metallized, dyed and clear tint options to find the product that’s right for you.

Auto Trim Design is an Authorized LLumar Dealer

ATC SERIES | Color Stable Dyed Tint

Stylish & Long Lasting

ATC Series is dyed all the way through for charcoal color that stays true. This tint gives you a standout look, on-the-road privacy, and a nice upgrade in glass performance.

CTX SERIES | Ceramic Tint

Smart & Full Featured

CTX Series has proven nanoceramic technology to tame heat, glare and UV rays without sacrificing connectivity. Create a smart, stylish comfort zone with CTX.

IRX SERIES | Infrared Rejecting Ceramic Tint

Coolest & Premium

IRX Series transforms your vehicle inside and out with impressive nanoceramic technology. Demand for IRX for concentrated IR-blocking abilites plus a full list of premium tint features: custom style, easy connectivity, UV protection and a reduction in annoying glare.

Benefits you can See and Feel!

Our tints merge custom style with technology that drives up comfort and performance.